Welcome to Paramount Syntex PVT. LTD.
Paramount Syntex is an India based Textile Corporation, owned and managed by professionals having more than 40 years of experience in Textiles. Paramount Syntex started producing 100% Acrylic Fiber Yarns, Dyed Fiber Yarns with in-house Dyeing Unit, Convertor System, Spinning, Bulking and Packing facilities. Since then, it has made a significant growth and has constantly redefined and mastered it’s core competancies through innovation and hard work and has a large number of 100% satisfied customers. It is always working to meet the demands of the ever changing designer Knitting Textile World.
Acrylic Fiber Yarns
This is one of our premium products and first choice of exporters, exporting garments to European countries and countries having cold weather. Blends are available in :: 50/50 Acrylic/Wool, 80/20 Acrylic/Wool and 60/40 Acrylic/Wool for manufacturers who like the feel of wool, the warmest natural fibre.
Dyed Acrylic Fiber Yarns
We made our name by supplying the largest variety of premium quality dyed fiber. We offer over 175 hues ranging from natural earth tones to bright and luminous colors. Our fibers are ideal for spinning, blending and weaving. All fibers are colorfast and are created using the safest dyes available.